The Spirit Testifies
Fr. Matta el Maskin
hand of the people of the lands." (Nehemiah 9:30)

I still seek thee,
I still hope in thy mercy,
Do not turn the page of love that quickly,
For I still have things to say,
I have repentance and compunction,
I have tears, I have a prayer and fastings,
Be patient with me,
And do not seal up the days of kindness, gentleness and intimacy,
Nor thine scales or pen,
I cry out to thee, do not hasten,
Be my guarrantor with thyself,
And if my spirit would bend toward iniquity, its uprightness is between your
And if I were cast into hades, your hand would lift me upto the hights of heaven
For I cannot bear my falls
If I went away from you willingly, where shall I go from thy Spirit?!
Draw me
That I may return quickly
For my separateness cannot be healed except by thy closeness.