Lord Jesus, look on me, I pray
    As once on Peter Thou didst gaze,
    That I may learn repentance.
    Jesus, Thy glance great wonders wrought,
    Peter to penitence it brought.
    May it to me be granted.
    Jesus, my sinning wounds Thy heart,
    To Thee pain on pain impart,
    How blind I am and heedless!
    Therefore, 0 Jesus, look on me,
    That what through sin I do to Thee
    may with shame acknowledge.
    O look on me, so Jet me see                        
    How sad Thy heart because of me,
    Then will my heart start mourning.
    I beg of Thee, grant me to see                
    Thy look of grief; Lord, come to me,          
    Make me repent my sinning.
    Because this happened to Peter, his heart was seized by such love that he had
    to cry: 'I love Thee. I cannot do any­thing but love Thee. My heart and my
    whole being, every­thing that I am and have—all I can do is give it to Thee."
    And Peter made good his word in all that followed.
    That is the mark of the great love which is born of re­pentance. It wants to be
    with Him whom it loves, no matter what it costs. It even longs to tread the
    path of sufferings. It aspires never to forsake Him.
Prayer of Repentance