Reflection on the Passion of the Christ
By: Tim Gindi
You who formed me, laid your hand upon me
And inscribed the image of Your authority.
You who inscribed my image on the palm of Your hand
Out of your love, you created me,
And I became a sinful wretch.
You placed the gift of speech in me and opened the paradise of joy
You have said to me, “Of it only do not eat”, one tree,
The knowledge of good and evil did I attain,
According to my will I did eat,
I put your law behind me and by my own counsel,
I became slothful towards your commandments.

Neither an angel, nor an archangel,
Nor a patriarch, nor a prophet,
Has thou entrusted with my salvation,
But you deigned from the heights of Glory,
You were incarnate and became man,
Blessed my humanity and resembled me in everything,
Except sin alone.

Oh how wondrous is the mystery of Your incarnation!
The God of gods became Flesh and dwelled among us!
How glorious is this mystery,
The Divinity became One with the Humanity without separation!

But You, my Lord, my God and my saviour,
Made the ultimate sacrifice, a sacrifice of love,
You took my sins and the sins of the world,
Bore the burden on Your shoulders.
Like a lamb to the slaughter,
And as a sheep before its shearers is silent,
You did not open your mouth my Lord.
The congregation of the wicked enclosed You,
And dogs surrounded You.
You have borne the oppression of the wicked,
You have given your back to the scourge.
Your cheeks You have left open to those who smite,
For my sake, O my master,
You have not hidden your face from the shame of spitting.
They pierced Your hands and Your feet,
They stared at You and divided Your garments.
They cast lots on your clothing spat on you,
Disgraced the One True God.
You, my Lord have taken my punishment,
Your blood saved me, gave me life.
You were wounded for my transgressions,
And bruised for my iniquities.

My eyes overflow with rivers of water,
My eyes flow and do not cease.
For I have been the cause of this,
My life in jollity caused Your humanity to suffer.
When I saw You my Lord,
My eyes brought suffering to my soul.
My heart had been filled with daggers,
Each, piercing after every whip you received,
You did nothing but took everything,
And I have not deserved a shred of the love I received.
From the depth of my heart,
I saw the pain,
By looking at You I could bare no more.
How much more were You suffering my Lord?
Your people rejected You,
Your friends denied You
Every suffering You felt my Savior.
I am filled with grief, filled with sorrow,
Because of the multitude of my transgressions.
Your eyes were filled with tears, Your body with scars
Your face was drowned in blood, and my penalty you did receive
At the sixth hour You were nailed to the cross,
At the ninth hour You gave Your Spirit up.
Finally after all the suffering, all the ridicule
You declared “It is finished”.

Thou art my Master, Thou art my Lord,
You are my God, my King, but most of all,
My saviour.