Pascha prayer
renewed our corrupted nature through your holy baptism. You have poured out on
us the gifts of your Holy Spirit. You have made us a righteous nation. You have
granted us a spiritual and angelic priesthood. You have given us liberally what
transcends every wealth, honor and glory, bestowing on us the communion of your
most holy body and blood. You have granted them to us as heavenly provision and
rational food for our continual unity with you, and our abiding with you. We, lacking
gratitude, and for the intensity of our earthly affections, our inclination towards the
transitory, and our descent towards the perishable, we have sinned and erred and
transgressed the boundaries of your law. We have not kept your statutes. We have
not considered the richness of your goodness. Now, O Lord, do not be wroth with
who is gathered together by your blood. We ask you O Lord hear us and have mercy
on us.