A Prayer by the Monk Mark
O undefiled, pure, all-merciful Lord, Who in taking on Thy humanity didst free our
nature from corruption; and by uniting it with that which is superior didst totally
sanctify it; Thou Who unto those who confidently believe in Thee, the only true
One, dost grant richly of Thy grace; Thou Who hast shamed that ancient and
arrogant one who tripped us up in the weakness of the flesh; do Thou, the same
beneficent Lord, cleanse me the passionate and sin-loving one, who hast been
defiled by mine imaginings during sleep, of every impurity of body and soul.
Account this not unto me as a sin, whether I was defiled by adream borne of the
malice of that unnamed and good-hating demon, or whether by immoderation in
hurtful things, or whether by evil habit and overbearing presumption. From this
time forward, strengthen me against his sinister rage by Thine allpowerful
grace and preserve me above his various evil plans, maintaining the lamp of my
chastity undimmed unto the end.
So that, being rescued from the ticklings of abominable passions and from the
fearsome gloom of nighttime fantasies by Thy power, I may meditate day and
night upon the luminous vision of Thy judgments, which are sweeter and more to
be desired than honey and honey-comb; and with purity of conscience, I may be
deemed worthy to participate in Thy lifegiving and immortal Mysteries. Through
the intercession of Her who bore Thee without corruption, our most-pure Lady, the
Theotokos and Ever-virgin Mary, and of all the Saints. Amen.