Lines of St. Symeon the Translator
Orthodox Prayer Book
Behold I approach for Divine Communion. O Creator, let me not be burnt by
communicating, For Thou art Fire which burns the unworthy. But purify me from
every stain.
Then this Prayer:
Of Thy Mystical Supper, O Son of God, accept me today as a communicant; for I
will not speak of the Mystery to Thy enemies; I will not give Thee a kiss like
Judas; but like the Thief do I confess Thee. Remember me, O Lord, in Thy
And again these lines:
Tremble, O man, when you see the deifying Blood,
For it is a coal that burns the unworthy.
The Body of God both deifies and nourishes;
It deifies the spirit and wondrously nourishes the mind.
And these Troparia:
Thou hast ravished me with longing, O Christ, and with Thy divine love Thou hast
changed me. But burn up with spiritual fire my sins and make me worthy to be
filled with delight in Thee, that I may leap for joy, O gracious Lord, and magnify
Thy two comings.
Into the splendor of Thy Saints how shall I who am unworthy enter? For if I dare
to enter the bridechamber, my vesture betrays me, for it is not a wedding
garment, and as a prisoner I shall be cast out by the Angels. Cleanse my soul
from pollution and save me, O Lord, in Thy love for men.
And this Prayer:
Sovereign Lover of men, Lord Jesus my God, let not these Holy Things be to me for
judgment through my being unworthy, but for the purification and sanctification of
my soul and body, and as a pledge of the life and kingdom to come. For it is good
for me to cling to God and to place in the Lord my hope of salvation