Prayer of St. Symeon the Translator
Orthodox Prayer Book
O only pure and sinless Lord, Who through the ineffable compassion of Thy love
for men didst assume our whole nature through the pure and virgin blood of her
who supernaturally conceived Thee by the coming of the Divine Spirit and by the
will of the Eternal Father; O Christ Jesus, Wisdom and Peace and Power of God,
Who in Thy assumption of our nature didst suffer Thy life-giving and saving
Passion - the Cross, the Nails, the Spear, and Death - mortify all the deadly
passions of my body. Thou Who in Thy burial didst spoil the dominions of hell,
bury with good thoughts my evil schemes and scatter the spirits of wickedness.
Thou Who by Thy life-giving Resurrection on the third day didst raise up our fallen
first Parent, raise me up who am sunk in sin and suggest to me ways of
repentance. Thou Who by Thy glorious Ascension didst deify our nature which Thou
hadst assumed and didst honor it by Thy session at the right hand of the Father,
make me worthy by partaking of Thy holy Mysteries of a place at Thy right hand
among those who are saved. Thou Who by the descent of the Spirit, the Paraclete,
didst make Thy holy Disciples worthy vessels, make me also a recipient of His
coming. Thou Who art to come again to judge the World with justice, grant me
also to meet Thee on the clouds, my Maker and Creator, with all Thy Saints, that I
may unendingly glorify and praise Thee with Thy Eternal Father and Thy all-holy
and good and life-giving Spirit, now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.