Second Prayer of St. John Damascene
Orthodox Prayer Book
I stand before the doors of Thy sanctuary, yet I do not put away my terrible
thoughts. But O Christ our God, Who didst justify the Publican, and have mercy on
the Canaanite woman, and didst open the gates of Paradise to the Thief, open to
me the depths of Thy love for men, and as I approach and touch Thee, receive me
like the Harlot and the woman with an issue of blood. For the one received healing
easily by touching the hem of Thy garment, and the other by clasping Thy sacred
feet obtained release from her sins. And I, in my pitiableness, dare to receive Thy
whole Body. Let me not be burnt, but receive me even as these; enlighten the
senses of my soul, and burn the stains of my sins: through the intercessions of
her who bore Thee without seed, and of the Heavenly Powers, for Thou art blessed
to the ages of ages. Amen.