After communion
St Theophan the Recluse
St. Theophan the Recluse- Unseen Warfare- p.233
Thou seest, O my all-merciful Lord, how easily I fall into sin, to my ruin, what
power the passion that attacks me has over me, and how powerless I am to free
myself from it. Help me, give power to my powerless struggles, or rather take up
thyself my weapons and fight for me, finally to overthrow my cruel enemy.
{St Theophan the Recluse- Unseen Warfare- p. 228

Almighty King of heaven and earth! who made thee enter my unworthy heart,
when I am accursed, and poor,
and  blind, and naked? No one, of course, but thy immeasurable love for me. O
uncreated love! O love most sweet! What dost thou want of me, beggar that I
am? Nothing, as I see and understand, except my love    for thee; nothing; except
that no other fire should burn on the altar of my heart but the fire of my love for
thee, which would consume all love and all desire other than that of bringing
myself to thee as a burnt offering and fragrant incense. Nought else didst thou
desire or seek from me, and nought else dost thou desire or seek from me now. So
hear now, O Lord, the vows of my heart! See, I combine my desire with thy desire;
and as thou hast given the whole of thyself to me, so I give the whole of myself
to thee, to be wholly in thee. I know, O Lord, that this cannot be, unless I
renounce myself wholly, it cannot be if any trace of self-love remains in me, if I
harbour some sympathy or disposition towards a will of my own, thoughts of my
own, or some self-pandering habits of my own. Therefore I desire and I strive from
now onwards to oppose myself in all that is not acceptable to thee, but which my
soul may desire, and to compel myself to do all things pleasing to thee, even if
everything in me and outside me should rebel against it. By myself, I have not
strength enough to succeed in this. But since from now on thou art with me, I
daringly trust that thou thyself wilt accomplish in me all that is needed. I seek
and strive that my heart may be one with thy heart; and I trust that thy grace wilt
grant me this. I trust and strive to see nothing and to hear nothing, to think of
nothing and have sympathy with nothing, except that which thy will, determined
by thy commandments, leads me to and shows, and I trust that it will be granted
me by thy power working in me. I strive and I seek not to let attention stray from
the heart, where thou dewllest, there to gaze at thee unceasingly and be warmed
by the rays of light issuing from thee; and I trust that this will be given me by the
touch and embrace of thy hands. I strive and seek for thee alone to be henceforth
my light, strength and joy, and I trust to be given this by thy saving action on my
inner man. It is of this that I pray and shall always continue to pray. O merciful
Lord, grant me this, grant me this.