Preparing for communion
St. Theophan the Recluse
Oh, heavenly food! When shall the hour come when I am totally immolated for
thee and consumed, not by some other fire, but by the fire of thy love? O
uncreated love, O Bread of life! When shall I live by thee alone, for thee alone and
in thee alone? When, O my life, beautiful, sweet and eternal, when, O Manna from
heaven, shall I turn away from all other earthly food, when shall I desire only thee
and be fed by thee alone? When will it be, O my all-satisfying sweetness, O my
highest good! O my Lord, most desired! And most good! Tear this poor heart of
mine from every wrong attachment and tendency, adorn it with thy holy virtues
and fill it with that good disposition which would make me, in all sincerity, do all
things solely to please thee! Then, at last, I shall attain to opening to thee my
heart, no longer unworthy of thee, and, invoking thee with love, shall make thee
enter it. And then, my Lord, having entered it, thou wilt not meet with resistance
but wilt perform therein all the actions thou art wont to perform in souls dedicated
to thee.