A Prayer by Saint Basil
O all-merciful, incorrupt, pure, undefiled, only sinless Lord,cleanse me, Thy
useless servant from all defilements of body and soul, and from this impurity
which hath happened to me because of my carelessness and indifference, together
with all mine other iniquities. Purify me of every stain by the grace of Thy Christ;
sanctify me by sending down Thy Holy Spirit; so that, rising up
from the fog of mine impurities and the fantasies of the devil, and from every
diabolical defilement, I might be made worthy in pure conscience to open my foul
and polluted mouth to praise Thine allholy Name of the Father, the Son and the
Holy Spirit; and thereby to participate guiltlessly and uncondemned in the most
pure, immortal, most holy and life-giving Mysteries of Thine onlybegotten Son, our
Lord and God and Saviour Jesus Christ; with Whom Thou art blessed, together
with Thine all holy, and good, and life-creating Spirit, now and ever, and unto the
ages of ages. Amen.