Second Prayer of St. Basil the Great
Orthodox Prayer Book

I know, O Lord, that I partake of Thy immaculate Body and precious Blood
unworthily, and that I am guilty, and eat and drink judgment to myself by not
discerning the Body and Blood of Thee my Christ and God. But taking courage
from Thy compassion I approach Thee, for Thou hast said: "He who eats My Flesh
and drinks My Blood abides in Me and I in him." Therefore have compassion, O
Lord, and do not make an example of me, a sinner, but deal with me according to
Thy mercy; and let these Holy Things be for my healing and purification and
enlightenment and protection and salvation and sanctification of body and soul,
for the turning away of every phantasy and all evil practice and diabolical activity
working subconsciously in my members, for confidence and love towards Thee, for
reformation of life and security, for an increase of virtue and perfection, for
fulfillment of the commandments, for communion with the Holy Spirit, as a
provision for eternal life, and as an acceptable defense at Thy dread Tribunal, not
for judgment or for condemnation.